Ref NoBSUCA/AT/1/4/1
CollectionAndy de la Tour Collection
TitleTony Allen and Andy de la Tour, performing as part of the Alternative Cabaret collective, Cambridge, 29 May 1981
Name of creatorTour, Andy de la (1948-)
Date29 May 1981
Duration50 min. 23 sec.
Extent1 audio file Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF)
DescriptionTony Allen [TA] and Andy de la Tour sets, followed by Combo Passe (a jazz salsa act).
Side A: [50:23] static [0:06] Thanks the band that had played previously that warmed audience up before TA winds them up. Asks for house lights to be put up so he can look at the audience. Introduces alternative comedy/cabaret and mocks them a bit. Makes jokes about being on drugs/Valium and alternative healing/quacks and being prescribed drugs to go 'up' or 'down'. [3:52] Talks about the minority force he hates - the Metropolitan Police and the drug squad, audience jeers. Talks about how to recognise drugs squad officers in his area and being asked to do a gig by the Anti Nazi League. Was asked whether his stand-up was sexist or racist, but TA reflects it's 'anti life'. [7:41] Dispute in a pub with a band of head bangers and their audience. Reflects on his neighbour waking him up at all hours doing dynamic meditation, mocks how his neighbour referred to 'making great headway' with it. [11:23] News - the Pope, making a recovery but won't be able to have children, man who 'shopped' him hearing voices. Glad Reagan wasn't assassinated. Talks about the journey in, missed the band. Hedgehogs as a suicide squad on the side of the road. Jokes that they have trouble procreating because of their prickles. [13:41] TA talks about his first sexual experience at the age of 7, with himself. Jokes about how his parents told him about the birds and the bees which is followed by a sketch about Jesus asking Mary where he came from. [15:50] Daily Mirror teaching kids about the facts of life, TA mocks it for being so short and basic, wrong place for it, suggests Blue Peter instead - jokes about 'here's one I prepared earlier'. Audience applause. Jokes about the differences in how men and women feel about sex. [18:47] Talks about bringing the band back on, introduces Combo Passe to audience applause. Andy de la Tour [AdlT] jokes about the band going off to have a couple of joints and jests that they only met this morning outside the magistrate's court. AdlT introduces his name and jokes about its origins. Wants to start his set with his joke, only has one, going to string it out. Joke about three guys in London talking about transplants and going back to work, becomes a political joke about transplanting a person from Finchley to Downing Street and now everyone's looking for work. Audience applause. [21:00] Jokes that he knows what way the audience voted. Feels sorry for Thatcher's horrible year, with specific reference to Airey Neave and Mountbatten, crowd laughs. Simulates reaction from a producer when he told that joke, wasn't allowed to at the BBC. Makes jokes about the age of TV presenters and cites a good make up department for making them look good on TV. Nationwide trivialising the world's/country's problems. [25:13] Something else that AdlT loves about TV - interrupting programme for live news. Discusses Keith Allen and how comedians on this circuit 'borrow' each other's lines. Royal Wedding - many questions unanswered that the public want to know about. [28:20] Makes jokes about the Royal Family being from the House of Hannover and makes jokes about George I being unable to speak English and jokes that he's a horse - traces of horse in the Royal Family. [31:13] Royal Family having to marry within the human race, a problem when Prince Charles wants to marry Lady Diana Spencer, descended from squirrels. [32:30] Northern Ireland and how it's treated in the news, always comes last, after giant pandas who can't reproduce. Compares attitude to WW2 to Northern Ireland 'war' - 'disturbances in Western Europe', mention of Japanese nuclear bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Jokes about British war films and how they would be made about Northern Ireland. [36:30] Talks about the Great Escape, was on recently, AdlT thinks it's one of the best films ever made. Personal obsession with escape films because he went to boarding school. Learnt some Ancient Greek and how to perfect the art of silent masturbation. Goes into detail about how to accomplish that quietly in a crowded dorm room to audience laughter. Anecdote about a new student who did it too loudly and brashly. [41:08] AdlT says they'll be back in 15 minutes after the interval. Audience applause. Audience background noise. [41:35] TA talks about the alternative cabaret comedians being radicals but is worried they'll become similar to an avant garde Butlin's redcoat, doesn't want to end up like Rowan Atkinson. Audience member heckles him and he laughs it off saying he was expecting a heckler. Mentions that stand-up comedy should be more than an air freshener in the shit house of existence, audience collectively groan. Talks about maintaining his street credibility. [42:40] Jokes about a book he saw a kid with, called 'Noddy and Big Ears Go Cruising', audience laugh. Music set to change the tone of the evening somewhat, introduces Combo Passe. Audience applause. [43:15] Music from Combo Passe. Tape cuts off.
NotesSide A of 1 sound cassette, digitised to LPCM wave 24 bit 48kHz. Digitised using Denon Cassette Deck DN-790R, Roland Edirol UA-55, and Adobe Audition CC 2014. 2016-02-22
CategoryAudio recordings
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