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TitleLinda Smith Lecture 2018: Barry Cryer
Name of creatorCryer, Barry, 1935-2022; Double, Oliver, 1965-
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DescriptionAudio, photographs and posters for the Linda Smith lecture 2018 with Barry Cryer. Held at the Gulbenkian Theatre.

Audio summary:
Track 1 [1:03:02]
[00:00] Silence until 00:27. Event is introduced by presenter Oliver Double [OD]. [01:05] OD explains meaning of the event name. [03:00] OD introduces Barry Cryer [BC]. [04:08] BC opening remarks. [04:50] BC tells various anecdotes about Linda Smith [LC]. [07:00] BC Explains importance of Linda Smith in male dominated seventies comedy scene [Note: due to the nature of the lecture, every story or anecdote can be assumed to also involve a joke or punchline]. Continues to talk about lost female comedians. [09:30] BC anecdote about Phyllis Diller [Phyllis Ada Diller. American Stand-up comedian]. Second anecdote regarding Joan Rivers and Cher [American Comedian and singer respectively]. Further smaller anecdotes. [13:00] BC tells joke about a parrot. [14:50] leads into story about a parrot joke in bar in Norwich [Norfolk, England]. BC then tells a third parrot joke. [17:30] BC starts interactive segment. Audience chooses a letter and BC had a corresponding card pertaining to a topic. [18:15] BC talks about the first selection. J for jokes. Diversion into Irish jokes [19:50] BC moves on to discuss The Edinburgh Fringe Festival [EFF] and Scottish jokes. [21:30] BC pivots towards Welsh jokes. BC returns to the topic of the audience interaction. [22:18] Second selection from the audience. X for X-ray. Proceeds to tell a joke about skeletons. [25:40] BC tells an anecdote about David Frost [British television host and comedian] relating to an interview with Morty Gunty. [An American comedian BC says Monty Ginty, but context implies he is referring to Gunty]. [26:00} BC redirects back to the audience topic. [27:00] BC tells several anecdotes about Groucho Marx [American comedian and Vaudeville performer]. [30:15] third audience choice. L for Leeds. BC proceeds to tell a story about his childhood. [31:50] BC continues stories about Leeds. [33:15] BC story about a poll for the Greatest joke. Proceeding to tell a joke about Sherlock Holmes. [34:00] Digression to Jewish humour. [37:20] Audience selects the next letter. H for heckling. [39:00] BC describes first meeting about Bob hope [American Comedian]. [41:03] BC follows on with a story about his early career. Then digressing into discussion about Dennis Spicer [British Ventriloquist]. [43:55] BC relays a friends ventriloquism joke. BC returns to letter H topic, changing the topic to hearing. [46:16} dovetailing with the previous topic, BC tells multiple doctor jokes. [48:20] non-sequitur diversion to sexual humour. [51:50] BC’s ode to LS. [55:03] BC performs an original song called “Zimmer frame blues.” Followed by audience applause. Audio stops at 1:00:07.
[1:03:02] Interview Ends.
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