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TitleLinda Smith Lecture 2019: Jo Brand
Name of creatorBrand, Jo, 1957-; Double, Oliver, 1965-
Duration1hr. 19 min. 54 sec.
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DescriptionJo Brand gives the Linda Smith Lecture on 1st May, 2019 at the Gulbenkian Theatre.

Track 1 [1:19:54]
[00:00] Interview starts. Background music fades and Oliver Double [OD] introduces the lecture. [01:50] OD explains the origin of the “Linda Smith lecture” series. Continues to talk about Linda Smith [LS]. [03:00] OD introduces Jo Brand with perfunctory comments and jokes. [04:09] Jo Brand [JB] joins the stage. [05:00] JB talks about LS and their impact. Following up by explaining her own experiences with LS. [08:15] Brief pause in JBs discussion due to technical difficulties. Resumes fully at 10:27. [10:27] JB talks about Roland and Claire Muldoon [Activists who ran the Hackney Wick Empire where JB performed in left wing comedy circles] and the shows at Hackney Wick. [12:28] JB discusses some of her comedy gigs, Referring to a Dairy. [18:20] JB introduces a question to the audience. ‘What has changed for women in the comedy circuit? And ‘Why is comedy inaccessible for women?’ [19:20] JB describes some problems women have getting into comedy. Also explains how wealth helps women getting into the arts. [21:30] JB story about balancing full-time work with burgeoning comedy career. The story concerns a car accident whilst helping comics driving them to gigs. [24:50] JB returns to the discussion of wealth and comedy. [26:40] JB digresses to talk about a feminism debate she participated in at Oxford. [28:15] Discussion on the impact of location and comedy regarding London versus outside of London. [30:25] Jb returns to Women in comedy, describing the 1980’s pub comedy scene and its detriment to women comics. [34:40] JB anecdote about a misogynist heckler at a London pub. [36:10] story about an Australian comedian who was murdered [Eurydice Dixon, 22. Murdered as she was walking home on the 13th of June 2018]. JB stresses the need for safety as a women comic. [37:00] Jb talks about women comedians and family. Specifically, how marriage and children can hinder a career. Telling anecdotes about own careers conflict with child rearing. [41:25] Anecdote about Sarah Millican [English Comedian and writer]. [42:09] JB talks about touring after family. [43:00] Discussion on the importance of appearance for male versus female comics. Anecdote about criticism from wardrobe departments for JB’s style. [44:05] story about going on Trinny & Susannah [What Not to Wear: a BBC makeover reality show that ran from 2001 – 2007]. [47:20] Return to the previous discussion about appearance. [48:46] story about tabloid stalking. [49:36] discussion about heckler response to men versus women. [50:40] JB talks about the assertion that “women aren’t funny.” describes the problems with Panel shows. [53:20] JB digression to talk about the then new movie “Extremely wicked, shockingly evil, and vile” [USA, 2019] and “Boxing Helena” [USA 1993]. [55:35] JB talks about how the comedy landscape is changing slowly and becoming more personal and introspective. [1:01:20] questions for JB. Question one: thoughts about camaraderie between women comedians. Audience member and JB back and forth about finding “seats at the table” for marginalised groups in comedy. [1:06:35] Question two: ‘Can you be too old for comedy?’ [1:07:45] audience member points out that comedy writing exists as an avenue from women. [1:10:18] Question three: Would JB support her daughters if they wanted to enter stand-up? [1:11:47] Question four: Are there any specific characteristics needed to be a woman in comedy? [1:13:20] Question five: does a perception of intelligence help women in comedy? [1:14:40] JB is asked about her highlights. [1:17:19] Jb is asked her opinions on the “The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel” [USA, 2017]. [1:17:56] JB is asked a question about Great British Bake-off [A British baking reality show which Jo Brand appeared on. [1:19:12] Closing remarks
[1:19:54] Interview Ends.
In addition to the audio recording we also hold posters and flyers from the event.
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