Ref NoBSUCA/AT/1/5
CollectionAndy de la Tour Collection
TitleSound cassette - Andy de la Tour's set, Huddersfield June 1989
Name of creatorTour, Andy de la (1948-)
DateJune 1989
Duration49 min. 39 sec.
Extent1 sound cassette (60 min.)
DescriptionAndy de la Tour's set (Side A and part of Side B of cassette tape) during Rik Mayall's 1989 tour (Andy de la Tour was the support act). Recorded June 1989.

Side A: [34:15] static [0:07] Applause. Andy de la Tour [AdlT] welcomes audience. AdlT jokes that he's not Rik Mayall [RM] and isn't dead like some may think. Mentions strange charities and the events they put on. Talks about South America and violence/torturing. Makes jokes about watching Postman Pat when his agent contacts him about a gig supporting RM. [3:50] Talks about RM being prepared back stage and it being his job to get people going. AdlT talks about the fun they've had on tour. Makes a joke about him and RM struggled to find the theatre on the one way system. [5:45] Interesting things that happen up North - poverty as fashion. North/South divide - the M25 and tiers, a concrete wall going round London similar to the Berlin Wall. Says Thatcher hates Northerners and Scots - Poll Tax - favours the wealthy. Calls Thatcher 'The Grantham Dog Witch from Hell' to audience laughter and applause. [9:10] Jokes about polarising the audience. Speculates as to a 'Window Tax' - Henry VIII scam, Thatcher might consider it next. Talks about touring as a way he can avoid the Poll Tax - they'll never find him. Talks about being a heavy smoker and the amount of tax he pays on cigarettes. AdlT talks about how smoking used to be cool and no one really thought about health problems. Stop smoking programmes don't stop smokers from smoking they make non-smokers more big-headed. [12:45] Asks the audience who are ex-smokers, compares them to born-again Christians to audience laughter. Thinks the government should make tobacco illegal and legalise cannabis because no one needs 40 joints a day. Talks about the discovery of tobacco at the time of Elizabeth I by Raleigh - doing a deal with the Indians, who saw them coming. [16:40] No smoking on shuttle services around the UK - AdlT didn't previously know this. Security at airports looking for terrorists, being asked whether you've packed your own suitcase. AdlT marvels at this 'high' security. Talks about how hideous in-flight meals are, tastes of plastic. Safety measures on laminated sheet on the aeroplane, only properly read one recently - worried about how happy the evacuated people look. [22:33] Going to Belfast for a wedding - helicopters, tanks, army checkpoints, feels more like Beirut. Reluctant to say there's a war going on in Ireland - the 'troubles'. Compares attitude to WW2 to Northern Ireland 'war' - 'disturbances in Western Europe', mention of Japanese nuclear bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Mentions Yalta and the theft of land. Tradition of British war movies. Jokes about British war films and how they would be made about Northern Ireland. [24:31] Asks if there's any students in the audience, some jeers. Talks about being at college a long time ago, thinking he was so cool - bad fashion sense. Talks about losing his virginity at college - underwhelming like most first times. Visual actions to the audience that ensues prolonged laughter. [27:07] If other body parts had as much autonomy as a penis - running for a bus and one of your feet stops. Went to go and live in Leeds, thinking it was cool. At 20 when asked what he wanted for his future he said a steady job, beautiful wife, kids, compares it to now, in his 40's living in a bedsit. Hates living alone, rituals before going to bed at night - doors/windows, checking all of the cupboards, under the bed. How your imagination plays with you when you're home alone and hear a noise, pretending to be dead. [31:55] Started listening to Radio 4 recently - stupid gardening programmes. What items you would take to a desert island - strange answers from the radio. What book he would take to a desert island (101 ways to f*** a coconut). [33:20] Tape cuts out…
Side B: [15:24] static [0:07] When a woman first gets a look at a 'brainless dickage' and sees her date. Talks about secret desires - AdlT would like to kill everyone with Bucks Fizz. Thinks a TV show should be made about the audience's secret desires, choose from a list (read the news, star in Dynasty etc). Sacrificing dignity on TV programmes/reality shows - they work by turning ordinary people into nervous wrecks. Talks about adverts he hates and turning the TV off when they come on - e.g. Marmite, as disgusting as it's always been. [5:15] Adverts he hates more than the Marmite one previously referred to - in German. Thinks cheaply made adverts are hilarious - when entrepreneurs advertise their own goods in a cheap suit. Hope that one day adverts will be honest and legal. Banks swamping us with adverts selling new accounts - AdlT doesn't see the point. [9:46] The need for money being why people work. Has experienced quite a lot of abuse at gigs, mostly for being bald, hardly remembers life with hair, started to go bald at 19. Jokes about the connection between masturbation and going bald. Jokes about women masturbating. Audience applause. Talks about money saved through being bald. Feels sorry for bald and ashamed men. Jests about hair transplants and how rubbish he thinks they are. Discusses comb-overs and methods of looking less bald. [14:52] Remarks that it's been a great evening and thanks the audience. Applause. [15:20] Tape cuts out.
Notes1 sound cassette, digitised to LPCM wave 24 bit 48kHz. Digitised using Denon Cassette Deck DN-790R, Roland Edirol UA-55, and Adobe Audition CC 2014. 2016-02-22
CategoryAudio recordings
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