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CollectionBritish Stand-Up Comedy Archive Events
TitleEarl Okin in conversation with Oliver Double
Name of creatorDouble, Oliver, 1965-
Okin, Earl, 1947-, musician and comedian
Duration57 min. 20 sec.
Extent1 audio file Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF)
DescriptionEarl Okin in conversation with Oliver Double after his performance at the Gulbenkian Theatre, 2 February 2017. [This was not specifically a BSUCA event].

Track 1 [57:20]
[00:00] Recording starts. Pre-interview discussion between Earl Okin [EO], interviewer Oliver Double [OD], and audience until 07:10. [07:10] Follow on from pre-interview conversation OD asks how the University of Kent has changed over time. EO story about interview for the university. Continues to remark on the state of the university during construction. [09:35] OD bring out student photos of EO. Describes the contents. EO story about Eliot footpath. [11:00] further discussion on student photos and the university. [13:14] OD asks EO about graduation. Continues questioning about philosophy. EO remarks on his philosophy teacher. [16:20] Discussion about EO’s entry into music [Earl Okin is an English comedian and musician active since 1967]. [17:05] EO describes experience that started interest in music. A record by Dame Joan Hammond [Australian Soprano singer]. [17:50] OD mentions EO podcast “Earl Okin’s Amazing gramophone show.” EO diverts to discuss television talent show “All Your Own” [BBC, 1952-1961]. [19:00] conversation returns to EO’s beginning with music. EO Mentions importance of folk clubs. [20:20] EO describes the Troubadour [Nightclub and pub in Erls Court, London] which he frequented. [21:20] EO remarks on alternative comedy and I's roots in folk clubs. [23:10] OD mentions EO’s history with Paul Mccartney [British musician and member of The Beatles. From now: PM]. EO story about writing a song with shocking similarity to a Beatles song. [25:40} EO returns to discussion of folk clubs. [26:35] EO story about meeting Steve Holley [English drummer.] Story describes EO first meeting PM. [28:05] OD segues to discussion of alternative comedy. EO describes first alternative comedy experience. [30:00] EO story about first joining The Comic Strip [British comedy group based at the Raymond revue bar. Soho, London]. [31:30] OD remarks on first time seeing EO perform. EO continues, mentioning early gigs and experiences. [34:00] OD asks about other comedic acts from the early years of alternative comedy. [35:00] discussion returns to folk clubs. [36:20] discussion on EO’s repertoire of different instruments. [39:20] EO mentions records he would listen to and vocalise the instruments. EO anecdote about vocalising instruments on buses. [39:35] Audience questions. Question one: EO is asked about involvement with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival [EFF]. [41:14] EO remarks on corporate interference influencing EFF. [43:07] Question two: Do people dislike musical comedy now? [44:10] Audience member prompts EO story about a set at the Cambridge folk festival. [45:48] Question three: Audience asks about EO’s global audience. [48:07] Question four: Why is musical comedy waning? Eo remarks on the profusion of stand-up comedy compared to other styles. [50:50] OD anecdote about the ironic switch in situation for Stand-up. [52:06] Question five: Audience member asks EO about best and worst reviews. [54:44] EO mentions advice to new performers. [56:50] Applause and final words. [57:20] Interview Ends.
NotesRecorded using a ZOOM Handy Recorder H5
Audio access filename: BSUCA-Events-001-007-A.mp3
PhysicalDescriptionAudio file WAV LPCM 48kHz 24 bit stereo
CategoryAudio recordings
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