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CollectionMark Thomas Collection
TitleMark Thomas performing live in Exeter
Name of creatorThomas, Mark, 1963-
Duration2 hr. 8 min. 30 sec.
Extent2 sound discs (MiniDisc)
2 audio files Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF)
DescriptionMark Thomas performing 'It's the Stupid Economy' live at the Phoenix Theatre in Exeter
Track 1: Political Music welcomes Mark Thomas to the stage.[0.59] Explaining the show and the community manifesto ideas. [3.25] Volunteer to the death penalty. [5.01] Bankers. [7.10] Mum as a conservative. [8.27] Hatred to MPs. [10.20] Celebrities hate. [11.10] Other ideas. [15.30] Huddersfield: Margaret Thatcher should have to pay for her own funeral. [18.25]Oxford: Develop a measure for Politician performance like school sats. [20.00] Cambridge: Nationalise Tesco's and introduce beehives in each store. [20.49] Eastleigh: Introduce a maximum wage. [21.10] Canterbury: Expense Claims published in the weekly paper and people choose to pay or reject it.[22.49] Worchester: If private land is left derelict after 5 years it should become public property. [23.08] Maidstone: Not have NHS whistle-blowers struck off. [23.15] Milton Keynes: You have to carry a card if you DON'T want to your organs to be donated. [23.29] Warrington: Amendment on free speech. [24.16] Norwich: Mps should live in Halls of residence. [25.31] Darlington: No benefits if you like Murdoch. [26.41] Everyone should go secretly bankrupt. [30.08] Illegal Police: Stop and search card. [43.00] Before the interval/Coca cola/ Book Reading. [47.45] Wil Hodgson does a 20 minute set [48.12] Skinheads. [51.30] Clint of Chippingham Skinhead. [57.08] Wrestling. [1.03.03] Lads Mags. [1.10.46] Mark Thomas Returns/Conclusion. [1.12.34] Recordings ends.
Track 2: Rude sign language.[2.10] Policies [4.55] Isreal and solutions [6.50] Obama. [8.01]Policy: Prince Phillip Should never meet Barack Obama. [15.40] Economy . [20.44] Mark's Manifesto. [21.01] Jersey. [24.04]Tax avoidance. [28.32] Maximum Wage.[31.49] Exeter Policies [41.55] Parish councils. [45.13] To change the national anthem to the imperial march. [48.10] Winner of Policies. [51.08] Imperial march finale. [55.33] Recordings ends.
Exeter Manifesto suggestions:
- Everyone should smile unsolicited once a day
- Ban trousers/jeans which are so low that they pants/bumcrack
- Lock all bankers in a room without food and water
- Get the hungriest and poorest and put them in charge of the Stock exchange
- The only way Margaret Thatcher should get funeral is by burying her alive
- Send junk mail back at the mailers
- Repatriotate the Normans and their descendents
- "None of the above" on ballot paper (and a comment section).
- 3 day weekend
- Everyone earning under £16,000 a non-domicile
- Every car should have a paintballing attachment to shoot at mobile phone users whilst driving
- Abolition of money- a favour bank.
- Emotional intelligence measurement
- All political party manifestos are legally binding
- Everytime a tree is cut down another two planted
- Give more money to NHS and education first
- Wages are published for people to see
- For war to be declared - every politicians' first born is in the front line
- Renationalise Water, power and rail services
- Disassemble the patriarchy
- Bi-annual Kick-a-politician in the crotch
- Gordon Brown not allowed on YouTube unless falling off skateboard
- No one should own more than 1 house
- Limit to size of a company can grow
- Affordable housing for wheelchair users
- Nuclear waste under the Saudi desert to make fossil fuels unusable
- Car companies to pay speeding fines
- Tax on packaging
- Reduce speed limit
- All food items to include profit made by company
- Give parish councils a reason to exist
Winner: All political party manifestos are legally binding
Notes2 MiniDiscs, transferred to LPCM wave 24 bit 44.1kHz. Digitised using Sony Minidisc Deck MDS-JE530, Roland Edirol UA-25, Adobe Audition CC 2014 (2015-05-28)
CategoryAudio recordings
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