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CollectionOliver Double Collection
TitleStephen K Amos interviewed by Oliver Double
Name of creatorDouble, Oliver, 1965-
Duration20 min. 59 sec.
Extent1 sound disc (MiniDisc) (80min)
1 audio file Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF)
DescriptionStephen K Amos interviewed by Oliver Double by telephone, 18th September 2012. This interview was conducted by Double for his book 'Getting the Joke: The Inner Workings of Stand-Up Comedy', 2nd Edition (2014) .
Start of Interview [00:04] When did Stephen K Amos first start stand-up comedy and how did he get into doing it. [00:13] Double talks about K Amos's ambiguity on stage. [02:06] Double asks how K Amos uses his Nigerian accent as part of K Amos's act. [02:46] [In this segment it also discusses playing with audience perception] Double comments on a recent gig K Amos played at Whitstable and the perception K Amos played with the audience and the venue. [04:44] K Amos explains how it's about perceptions. [05:25] Double asks about playing on social class and demographics of age, ect, and how does it bring the audience all together. [06:07] K Amos further explains the use of perception using the example of an audience member named Ollie. [07:23] Double poses the discussion point claiming that K Amos as a stand-up is "good fun" but has a political edge to his work on subjects such as sexuality and race. [08:08] K Amos answers. [09:03] Double points out that K Amos "Feeling like I [K Amos] didn't fit in" has a revenge to that fact that now K Amos is the centre of attention in a room during his stand-up shows. [09:36] K Amos answers and discusses respect and expectance. [9mins 50sec] Double poses the discussion point on sexuality and how comedy has moved on from the 1970's. [10:32] K Amos explains how comedy has progressed since the 70's. [Section also discusses further on about sexiest, racist and homophobic jokes] [11:12] K Amos mentions the T.V show "The Comedians". [11:21] Double asks how old K Amos is as there are [at the time of recording] 2 separate birth dates for K Amos in relation on cultural reference. [12:45] K Amos answers but not saying his age. [13:04] Double asks how K Amos material is generated. [15:14] K Amos explains different techniques of creating and testing material. [15mins, 29sec] Double asks if K Amos records his material. [16:34] K Amos explains that he takes notes instead. [16:39] Double comments on his experience of watching K Amos that the work is very technical. [17:28] Double goes on to ask about [instant] character whether it was developed by rehearsals or stage experience. [17:50] K Amos answers about character and technique. [18:03] Double extends his talk about technique and learning technique. [19:01] Double mentions Max Miller. [19:04] K Amos answers. [19:35] K Amos mentions Jimmy Carr. [20:00] Double and K Amos exchange pleasantries. [20:17] End of Interview. [20:55]
[Summarised by Scarlet Dobson]
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