Ref NoBSUCA/TA/1/13
CollectionTony Allen Collection
TitleTony Allen compering at the Comedy Store (tape 2)
Name of creatorAllen, Tony, 1945-
DateNo date
Duration46 min. 38 sec.
Extent1 sound cassette
2 audio files Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF)
DescriptionTony Allen comperes at the Comedy Store featuring audience guest spots and The Greatest Show On Legs. Recorded same night as recording BSUCA/TA/1/12
Side A / track 1: [30:38] [00:09] Recording starts with applause and calls for ‘More!’ Tony gets them back on. [00:38] Paul Goodman starts by talking about encores. Explains the idea of the song in relation to the ambitions of people at the Comedy Store [01:16] Song starts. It’s a slow, melancholy song about a comedian who’s given it up to get married. [04:10] Song ends with applause. Tony Allen comes back on and addresses a heckler who says the previous act were ‘fucking great’, then sings ‘Jailhouse Rock’ impromptu to jeers. Says he used to want to be a rock star. Introduces Pamela Stephenson back on. [05:09] Pamela Stephenson’s act begins. She talks about shy women, acting out a little scene to illustrate. She talks about watching TV. She talks to a heckler about cocaine. Routine about male newsreaders, compared with female newsreaders, into impression of Angela Rippon, talks about the appeal of female newsreaders. [08:30] Talks to a male heckler. [09:10] Gets back into the routine about female newsreaders, relates their sternness to S&M. [10:23] She asks men in audience if anyone has a drink for her. Leads into conversation with the man who gave her a drink. She talks about sex shops nearby, and sex aids. She talks about a dream she had, but breaks off to address punters who are talking among themselves. She leaves the stage to mild applause. [13:09] Tony Allen comes back on, and sets up the audience spots section. Asks people to pick out loudmouths and force them to have a go. Gets into a conversation with a punter called Martin. Offers them the incentive of having a seat on the stage. Tony reads out a list of names and eventually finds somebody called Stig to get up. [16:10] Stig starts his act. He speaks slowly and deliberately. Talks about women in audience, then asks for a guitar strap and then talks to another punter about jockstraps. He starts strumming the guitar and people start shouting ‘gong!’ He starts singing a song about a stomach lining. He gets a reasonable amount of laughter, but the song finishes to massed shouts of ‘gong!’ he says he’s going to stay on and do a song with a pianist in spite of the audience abuse. [22:04] He starts shouting that he’s a joke in a high-pitched voice. [23:35] Piano starts – playing a weird song. Somebody else asks John Brown to come up. He explains the idea of the song. They beg John Brown to come up. Audience chaos in background. [26:27] The gong is sounded, but there’s still just audience chaos. [26:58] Tony Allen comes back on, and evicts somebody from the stage. Then announces Martin. Some cheering and shouting. [27:42] Martin’s act starts with him saying he’s scared. Somebody shouts ‘Speak into the mike!’ Plays random notes on piano. Starts talking about a geezer going for a drink, but lots of shouting from audience. [28:57] He asks is there are any Pakistanis in, and tells a racist joke about them. Audience start shouting ‘gong!’ Back into story about the pub. [30:27] Recording ends.
Side B / track 2: [15:59] [01:42] Recording resumes and Martin’s act continues. As his rambling story continues, individual punters start to repeat him saying ‘Right?’, imitating his accent. He mentions somebody called Jack Bartholomew, and the name gets a cheer. [03:27] Punters start shouting ‘Gong!’ This happens increasingly as he tries to continue. [04:32] The gong is sounded. Martin tells them they are ‘out of order’, and they start singing ‘Happy birthday to you’ to him. [05:05] Tony Allen comes back on and says he doesn’t do double acts. Martin is still on the stage and they have some banter. Martin says he wants to talk to the LBC people. Tony tells Martin he’s funny as a fire in an orphanage, but asks the audience if he should be allowed to finish his joke. [07:02] Audience start chanting, ‘Off! Off! Off!’ Martin appears to be taking his clothes off, and somebody shouts, ‘Look, finish your joke!’ but he claims he’s forgotten it. Tony Allen tersely recaps the joke so far, to laughter and applause. [08:16] Gong sounds again, more chants of ‘Off! Off! Off!’ Somebody shouts, ‘Boring!’ A male punter starts talking to Martin. ‘Off! Off! Off!’ again. Audience hubbub. [09:52] Tony Allen resumes control. Martin is still mouthing off from audience, and Tony puts him down. Tony is asked to finish Martin’s joke, but starts talking about marijuana. Then introduces the Greatest Show on Legs. [11:51] Brief cheering and the Greatest Show on Legs’ act starts with recorded cha cha cha music. Music stops and some brief dialogue, before it starts up again. It goes on for some time, but it’s impossible to tell what the performers are doing. [14:33] Music ends, a little applause followed by audience hubbub. Tony Allen comes back on and says it’s not always like this, and ends the show to a smattering of applause. Audience hubbub. [15:50] Recording ends.
NotesLPCM wave 24 bit 48kHz. Cassette digitised using Denon Cassette Deck DN-790R, Roland Edirol UA-55, and Adobe Audition CC 2014 (2015-07-16).
CategoryAudio recordings
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