Ref NoBSUCA/TA/1/6
CollectionTony Allen Collection
TitleTony Allen performing live at the Masonic Lodge at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Name of creatorAllen, Tony, 1945-
Duration1 hr. 0 min. 39 sec.
Extent1 sound cassette
2 audio files Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF)
DescriptionTony Allen performing live at the Masonic Lodge at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Side A / track 1 [24:48] [00:00] We hear the tape being turned on and somebody comments that it’ll be a funny tape starting off at this point. Tony makes a joke on this. Routine about how people open up matchboxes. [01:36] Talks about Marlboro adverts. Into routine about smoking. Criticises a review they got in Festival Times. [03:37] Says he reviews the world and talks about being an anarchist. Talks about identity and being macho, and this leads into a discussion of Englishness and exaggerated politeness. Tells story about pouring a pint of lager over somebody at a gig. More examples of exaggerated politeness. [05:36] Traces this trend back to saying sorry for imperialism after Suez. This leads into routine about the Falklands, where he discusses what the UK and Argentina owe each other. [07:39] Goes back to male identity, and tells anecdote about his friends having a fight in Kentucky Fried Chicken. Digression about the truth. Talks about trousers and adverts on the tube. [11:08] The story continues with Tony trying a stupid karate move which he’s seen on TV. His friend rescues him and they talk about what happened in the fight. [13:45] Says he must do some more material. Says he must mention Poland. This leads to a discussion about the nature of freedom. [15:55] Thanks the audience for listening. Applause. [16:08] Song by Sharon Landau starts with piano introduction. Fast paced lyrics and chorus ‘Life is Lethal’. Towards the end, Tony Allen and Roy Hutchins briefly sing a line each. Song finishes with applause. [18:33] Audience hubbub. [20:09] Recording ends.
Side B / track 2: [35:50] [00:07] Recording begins. Tony Allen starts his act slowly. He talks about the fact that they’re performing in a masonic lodge, and discusses freemasons. [03:13] Talks about being at Edinburgh and the Fringe press reception. Important people from the BBC and the newspapers, and people from theatre companies. [05:18] Says he’s been studying comedy, leads into a routine comparing the Pope to a stand-up comedian. [07:50] Joke for people on cocaine. Talks about soft drugs leading to hard drugs, marijuana leading to tobacco. [09:23] Routine about Marlboro adverts, which is more developed than the version on Side A. [11:05] Talks about compèring at the Comedy Store, and the story about tipping lager over somebody. Routine about exaggerated politeness, linked with imperialism. [13:42] Routine about the Falklands war. Talks about reviewing the world, Scotsman reviews, Tony’s way of seeing the world. [15:35] Discusses about men competing with each other. Into the story about the fight in Kentucky Fried Chicken. [20:28] Says he’s on adrenaline – a natural high. Talks about scoring adrenaline. Asks audience to give him a subject to talk about, leading to story he read in the Guardian, and an anecdote about being in the Young Ones. [24:15] Critiques the language used about drugs. Doesn’t want to end up like Rowan Atkinson. Imagines punching Prince Charles, into discussion of English revolution. Tony Allen’s set finishes with applause. [27:47] Sharon Landau’s song begins – ‘Life is Lethal’. Ends with applause. Audience hubbub. [30:10] Recording finishes.
NotesLPCM wave 24 bit 48kHz. Cassette digitised using Denon Cassette Deck DN-790R, Roland Edirol UA-55, and Adobe Audition CC 2014 (2015-07-15).
CategoryAudio recordings
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