Ref NoWIN/001
CollectionWinstanley Oral History Collection
TitleMr Horace Adley interviewed by Michael Winstanley
Name of creatorWinstanley, Michael
Duration1 hr. 34 min. 38 sec.
Extent1 sound tape reel
1 audio file Waveform Audio
DescriptionTrack 1 [1:34:38] [0:00:01] Introduction: interviewee is Horace Adley [HA] of 4 Becket Street Faversham. [0:00:32] HA born 23rd October 1886 in Faversham. [0:00:41] HA father a brick maker, a moulder making bricks. [0:00:53] Detailed description of wages in brickmaking. [0:01:48] Story of HA’s father’s life; father had removal firm in Ashford with four brothers then came to Faversham brickworks. [0:02:26] Detailed description of father’s housing and living conditions. [0:02:35] Mention of ‘Wheelers’ as renting housing. [0:03:19] Detailed description of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks at the brickworks. [0:04:07] Mention of HA’s brother selling ‘Taylors ginger beer’ [0:04:23] Detailed description of HA’s early working life. [0:05:18] HA worked for Jackman the tailor in Market Street [Faversham]. [0:06:02] Description of HA’s siblings and employment in Faversham; the cotton gunpowder works, brick works and the Gas House in London. [0:08:10] Detailed description of work of HA’s mother and sisters; at home, in service and nursing. [0:09:48] HA’s sisters working at Haine Hospital Ramsgate [0:09:52] Mention of HA’s sisters leaving for Bristol and working for Reverend Burton, a missionary, at his home ‘for children out of their mind’ [0:10:36] Detailed description of winter work for brickworkers; hop picking, farm work, ‘rag and bone’ material from London; barge unloading. [0:13:48] Discussion of workhouse relief. [0:14:58] Description of ill health relief. [0:16:09] Discussion of women and children’s work, hopping, Preston Parish charity. [0:19:14] Detailed description of HA’s domestic life and diet; livestock, vegetable growing, fish, shellfish, cockling at Seasalter; bread, meat and fruit deliveries. [0:33:20] Mention of butchers Creed and Curlings. [0:35:52] Mention of shopping at the Co-op. [0:37:37] Availability of canned food. [0:38:33] Discussion of shops in the Brents. [0:40:11] Discussion of paying for shopping and credit. [0:41:32] Mention of Gardeners the grocers of Worth Lane. [0:42:05] Discussion of debt and evictions. [0:43:53] Mention of Mr Minter, collector for landlord Wheeler. [0:44:22] Discussion of meat storage, foreign meat. [0:46:54] Description of Faversham market. [0:50:26] Discussion of drink in the house. [0:51:50] Description of fetching and uses of water. [0:52:41] Help for HA’s mother and new babies. [0:54:18] Description of accommodation; rooms, uses, heating, furniture. [0:59:39] HA’s marriage and new home [1909]. Mention of brickworks closing and many emigrating to Canada, mention of Wheeler as his landlord. [1:01:22] HA’s work; brickworks, horse driving, cotton powder company. [1:01:49] Mention of cotton powder company explosion. [1:05:08] Discussion of available work, wages and opportunities. [1:09:06] Discussion of HA’s family’s domestic money management. [1:12:14] Shopping for clothes. [1:16:04] Pawn brokers. [1:17:20] Wash days. [1:18:57] Description of HA’s own and his parents’ house flooring, decoration, repairs, chimneys, windows. [1:26:59] Discussion of bulk buying. [1:28:25] HA’s furniture purchase, bedding, sleeping arrangements at his parents’ house. [1:30:21] Mention of female workers in powder mills and jam factories; HA’s sisters preferred service at Haine hospital in Ramsgate. Mention of their uniforms and family visits. [1:32:01] Mention of Haine hospital as a fever hospital. [1:33:51] Brief discussion of lodgers in the Brents.
NotesTranscript exists for this interview.
PhysicalDescription1 sound tape reel : analogue, 5 inch reel, 9,5 cm/sec, 2 track, mono
Waveform Audio
Related OrganisationUniversity of Kent
Related PlaceFaversham, Kent
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CategoryAudio recordings
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