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CollectionWinstanley Oral History Collection
TitleMr. F. J. Atkins interviewed by Michael Winstanley
Name of creatorWinstanley, Michael
Duration1 hr. 17 min. 23 sec.
Extent1 sound tape reel
1 audio file Waveform Audio
DescriptionMr. F. J. Atkins, born 1883, interviewed in Ramsgate, Mr. Atkins' father was a thatcher and died in 1901, his mother was an ex-maid. Atkins engaged in farm work of various sorts, and married in 1912.
Track 1 [1:17:23] [0:00:00] Introduction: interview of Mr F.J.Atkins [Mr A] of 172 Grange Road Ramsgate by Michael Winstanley of the University of Kent at Canterbury on 29th January 1976. Mr Frederick James Atkins born 1883 in Fords [Forge?] Lane, Sutton [near Dover]. Mr A’s father a thatcher. [0:00:46] Detailed description of cutting corn and building stacks, fire prevention. [0:08:03] Remarks on fodder stacks. [0:08:58] Remarks on observing Sunday as day of rest, including gardening, shunning transgressors. [0:10:10] Description of cooperation in rural communities; helping sick, exchanging vegetables, coordinating pig killing, paying doctor in kind. [0:13:47] Description of pig keeping. [0:15:38] Remarks on Mr A’s family; younger brothers Walt and Harry, death of father 26th July 1901, care of widowed mother, older brothers in army and navy 1901. [0:17:26] Mention that Mr A failed to enter police service due to competition from ex-soldiers after Boer War. [0:18:04] Mention of Mr A’s work at horse stud, Chequers, at Swingfield near Denton [c1901-1903]. [0:19:15] Mention of Mr A’s move to Abbots Land Farm, between Dover and Folkestone, owned by Constable. [0:20:30] Description of work and life with mother and younger brothers at Swingfield. [0:21:03] Mention of brother Harry joining 21st Lancers and dying in India. [0:21:11] Detailed description of foodstuffs and prices. [0:22:25] Detailed description of clothing prices. [0:23:10] Description of beer and tobacco prices. [0:24:23] Mention of the Swingfield District and Benefit Society. [0:27:17] Story of Philpott’s offer of farm bailiff post at St Bartholomew’s Farm in Sandwich to Mr A [c1906]. Mention of Philpott owning several farms near Manston. [0:29:45] Comments on World War I in Sandwich; horses taken off fields for army, camps near Sandwich. [0:32:45] Mention of Mr A’s marriage and move to Sharp the Dairymen in Folkestone. [0:34:10] Story about bad working practices at Sharps. [0:36:45] Mention of Sharp’s death and take over by Snape, Lesley and Cooper, cake merchants, of Walton Farm; Mr A manager of mill and cattle farm. [0:37:25] Comments on World War II; shelling, boss and workers all leaving, help from Mr A’s son Harry. [0:38:47] Mention that Mr A left school at 12. Anecdotes about first job, milk run to Deal. [0:40:17] Mention of Squire Poster of Ripple Vale and Tommy Wood. [0:41:12] Mention that Mr A joined his father as thatcher. [0:42:05] Detailed description of thatching work and wages. [0:43:55] Comments on Mr A’s father’s other work and income; sheep shearing, preparing thatch in winter, hedging. [0:46:53] Description of farming life; Kent ploughs, horse breeding. [0:47:00] Description of corrupt practices in horse selling. [0:52:00] Comments on ways to find work. [0:52:59] Detailed description of home beer making. [0:54:35] Mention of George Mence Smith, greengrocers of Folkestone. [0:55:35] Description of making whisky wine. [0:57:15] Comments on Langdon Abbey, owned by Squire Hampton, and farm near Sutton; livestock, staffing, sending livestock to Dover Harbour and Tuesday market at Ashford. [0:59:00] Remarks on unemployment and unions. [1:00:10] Description of school. [1:01:47] Story about farmers and gentry forcing school children to work for shoots, to go ‘rooking’, kowtowing to gentry. [1:03:50] Remarks on children learning farm work by example, formal education little use. [1:06:10] Remarks on women’s work; Mr A’s sisters, mother and wife all in service. [1:07:18] Comments on family budget, no credit, no debt. [1:08:53] Anecdote about farm accounts for Finn. [1:09:45] Mention of ‘4d for Lloyd George’ for the ‘National Health’. [1:10:50] Remarks on the effects of World War I in Sandwich; loss of able bodied men, land girls, introduction of tractor.
NotesTranscript exists for this interview.
PhysicalDescription1 sound tape reel : analogue, 5 inch reel, 9,5 cm/sec, 2 track, mono
Waveform Audio
Related OrganisationUniversity of Kent
Related PlaceSutton, Kent
Sandwich, Kent
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