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CollectionWinstanley Oral History Collection
TitleMrs. L. Canham interviewed by Michael Winstanley
Name of creatorWinstanley, Michael
Duration1 hr. 27 min. 32 sec.
Extent1 sound tape reel
1 audio file Waveform Audio
DescriptionMrs. L. Canham, born 1881, maiden name Barden, interviewed in Canterbury. Her father was a builder and cathedral maintenance man, and her mother was an ex maid. She belonged to a family of 4 girls, 2 boys, one of which died in infancy. Canham worked as a teacher.

Track 1 [1:27:31] [0:00:00] Introduction: interviewee is Lucy Canham [LC] of Artillery Road, Canterbury. [0:00:48] LC’s birth. [0:00:59] LC talks in detail about her father’s jobs. [0:04:37] Discussion of LC’s move to Canterbury. [0:05:47] LC discusses her education. [0:07:06] Discussion on how LC became a pupil teacher. [0:08:17] Shortage of teachers. [0:09:02] Description of what people had to do to become a teacher. [0:10:12] Description of what LC’s parents’ thoughts on her becoming a teacher. [0:10:28] Discussion of her sisters’ jobs. [0:11:23] Teachers’ pay. [0:11:49] Discussion of how the teachers should have looked. [0:12:23] Discussion of which teachers would have taught different students. [0:12:54] LC talks about the students she taught, infants. [0:13:27] Difference in teaching for boys and girls. [0:14:16] Events that used to take place for students. [0:15:19] Teachers Benevolent and Orphan Fund. [0:15:49] LC talks about children she came into contact with that had challenges. [0:17:18] LC discusses changing her job and earning more money. [0:18:46] Mention of King’s School. [0:19:07] Charities in Canterbury. [0:20:42] Discussion of the resources LC had access to as a teacher. [0:22:25] Religious practices of the schools that LC worked at. [0:22:55] Pilgrimage of Catholics to Canterbury. [0:24:39] Discussion of school meals for the students and where they were eaten. [0:25:03] LC talks about the children playing. [0:25:21] Discussion of access to water for the infant school. [0:25:45] Discussion about the warmth of the school. [0:27:12] Toilets in the school. [0:27:46] Rules in the school. [0:28:33] Discussion of career advice offered to students. [0:29:22] Parents’ relationships with teachers. [0:30:00] Discussion of inspectors – what they did and when they visited. [0:33:38] Visits from members of the clergy to the school. [0:33:58] Discussion of LC’s family – her siblings and how her parents met. [0:35:16] Discussion of LC’s father’s background. [0:35:30] LC talks about what her mother used to do day-to-day and how she looked after the children. [0:40:08] LC discusses what money was used for – clothes, coal, rent. [0:41:51] Discussion about what help people could get from the church in terms of food or money. [0:42:42] LC talks about people helping each other out – neighbours and shops. [0:45:17] LC describes what her mother did as housekeeper. [0:46:00] Discussion of their shopping. [0:47:01] LC talks about living at home and her role. [0:47:37] Discussion of children’s roles and what LC recalled they may have done to help. [0:48:55] Mention of peoples’ happiness. [0:49:23] Discussion of food prices and growing their own. [0:50:41] Thorough discussion of food that was available throughout LC’s life. [0:54:17] LC talks about where her family would do the food shopping. [0:55:51] Mention of Hunts and Lefevres. [0:57:32] Discussion of shopping and the atmosphere. [0:58:40] Newspapers – delivery and availability. [0:59:15] Discussion of pawnbrokers and how they were viewed. [1:00:37] Hire purchases. [1:01:16] LC discussing buying a bike. [1:01:46] Discussion of dinner time being the most important meal for LC and family. [1:02:08] Discussion of libraries in Canterbury. [1:03:40] Traders in Canterbury. [1:04:09] Gypsies in Canterbury. [1:05:07] LC talks about the poorer parts of Canterbury and the differences in areas. [1:07:20] LC’s views on class. [1:08:05] Discussion of what LC used to do in her free time with other working people. [1:08:34] LC talks about her bike rides: where they went and conditions of the road. [1:11:05] Discussion of LC owning a bike. [1:13:06] LC talks about her parents going on holiday to Folkestone and Whitstable. [1:13:40] Talks in detail about LC visiting Whitstable and why she went. [1:16:20] Discussion of her parents’ holidays. [1:17:26] LC describes her father’s hobbies. [1:19:57] LC talks about her own musical interests. [1:21:25] Barrel-organs in the streets. [1:22:11] LC describes her love for the theatre. [1:23:28] LC talks about the cinema.
NotesTranscript exists for this interview.
PhysicalDescription1 sound tape reel : analogue, 5 inch reel, 9,5 cm/sec, 2 track, mono
Waveform Audio
Related OrganisationUniversity of Kent
Related PlaceCanterbury, Kent
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